Byepolar affirmation meditations helps people learn holistic health wellness techniques and positive mantras to detox negative energies and increase your vibrations. Going through life's experiences can leave either a positive or negative imprint and impact the way we think. Without even realizing it, we create patterns of fear, anxieties and depression causing us to go into dark mental spaces. Affirmation meditation is powerful in it that you can manifest your desires and change you whole circumstance. There is absolute power in words, especially yours. 


Meditate anywhere, anytime

At Byepolar Studio, we believe you should be in your own safe, comfortable space where you can practice and learn affirmation meditation techniques. Our classes are held mainly live, with a series of affirmation meditation events held over the summer. You can even purchase your favorite Byepolar Affirmation Meditation video and meditate on your own.


"I feel so empowered and confident in my ability to overcome the obstacles that are standing in my way. I feel more at peace with myself.

Marie Taylor, Entreprenuer

"Byepolar Affirmation Meditations helped me to realize I totally overthink situations and put way too much unnecessary pressure and fears on myself. 

Joseph Bunker, Financial Planner

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